Editing we have in mind…

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My group members and I have quite a few editing techniques in mind. In the process of planning we came up with various things we could include in our film regarding editing. Our ideas are that we want our film to be black and white (film noire) but the inly colour that will stand out is the red lipstick. This will have an effect on the audience as their eyes will automatically be drawn to the red colour because its bright and eye catching. It will also make them spot a significant and an important part of the film.  We also want to include some fades especially during the ellipsis when it will say ’10 years later’ we want that to fade to black.

An example of the editing techniques we wish to use is used in an iconic film called Schlinder’s List. This scene is significant because there’s a little girl and her coat is in red when everything else is in black and white. Then after that you see people pushing a wooden trolley and there are dead bodies on there and there is the girls red coat on top of the bodies which symbolises that they girl must have got killed.


Harlequin – our final product ENJOY!!

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Evaluation – question 6

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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

For our preliminary task me and my group had to create a two minute video based around a scenario of our own, me my group chose to base our two minute video on a student who was called to her teachers office due to her not handing in her homework. The reason for us choosing this specific scenario was because we had many different ideas and we believed we would gain come enjoyment and excitement out of it. In this specific task we had to include different editing techniques such as match on action, shot reverse shot etc.

We realised how vital continuity editing and 180 degree rule is as we need the viewers to know what is going on and not to get confused.

With the prelim we were taught the rules of continuity and the 180 degree rule. This helped to add a sense of professionalism to our thriller as we knew what to do when filming. For example we were fully aware that when filming two different scenes that interlinked with each other if we had filmed them at different times everything had to be the same e.g. costume, setting, props etc.



Evaluation – question 5

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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Overall, I think that my group members and I have learnt many things about the filming products and equipment during our filming process. We have learnt that media technologies have changed and developed throughout the years and that there are advantages and disadvantages to the developed equipment.

Due to the changing of technology it is important for the media as the media needs to up to scratch of what is new so that maybe the quality of filming could be better. For example media has changed vastly throughout the years. Before the 1920’s there was no sound in films and just music to symbolise how the character is feeling or to express the atmosphere or the situation. That all changed in the 1920’s as the first appearance of the ‘talkie’ film appeared and example of this was The Jazz Singer which was a great phenomenon as it was one of the first talkie films and it gained a huge audience. So, this is an example of the change of media technology and it can make a huge success if productions used the newest technology in the process of making their films.

Another example for the development of technologies would be Avatar, it was made in to a 3D film and this made it very popular because the 3D technology developed very well by then and because the film was mostly computer generated and it would have been very spectacular if it was seen in 3D. Avatar made $2,782,275,172 worldwide which proves that the development of media technologies are very vital as it can cause success.


Digitalisation was a great benefit to me and my group as it allowed us to film our media product on a digital camera.


  • It was incredibly easy to use and it had simple buttons to record, stop, play, pause, zoom in and zoom out, these buttons were placed on the camera noticeably which made it easy to press quickly and it easily came to grips within the first use.
  • The footage saved automatically once we finished filming and stopped recording which was good as we did not have to worry about saving it or forgetting to press a save button. Also, there was a USB cable attached to the camera and had a little pocket which saved it from getting damaged. This was again positive we did not have to worry about bringing the USB, forgetting the USB, misplacing the USB because it is simply attached to the camera and can easily be taken out and plugged in to the computer to upload the footage.
  • Another thing about the USB was that we could easily upload our footage and then tweak it.
  • The process was quite fast as we did not have to take out some sort of memory card and plug it in the computer which was positive as there would not be a chance of losing the memory card as it is quite small.


  • The disadvantages of the digital camera we had was that the screen was quite small to be a touch screen and our fingers were too large to navigate and the click on the footage to look back at it. And if we wanted to click on the footage to review it, it would take long to click on it as the different pieces of footage were close together on the screen and we kept on clicking on the wrong one which was quite frustrating.
  • The zooming in and out button was quite stiff as when pushed to zoom it was quite slow and when we pushed it slightly hard it zoomed very fast and it took a long time to zoom in slowly and fast how we wanted it to be.
  • When we looked back at the footage on the computer the colour of the film looked quite dark and quite pixeled in some areas especially when we filmed in the dark.
  • The camera went blurry at some places when we were filming especially when we were zooming in and when the rapidness of change in the lighting e.g. the scene when the baby sitter turned off the light when walking out the bedroom.


  blurriness when filming with the camera.

Flip camera



  • It was very easy to use due to the simple buttons and it was very handy if we wanted to quickly film something.
  • It also was beneficial if we wanted to include some awkward angled shots.
  • Had a USB attached to it so it was all in one and very fast to use so we’d record and flip out the USB and upload our footage.



  • When we wanted an angle it could not stay in that position as it was quite difficult to manoeuvre and if we wanted the shot to be a low shot or a high angle shot we would have to hold the camera with our own hands and some of the footage could turn out to be shakey.
  •  Another disadvantage would be that the quality of the film when we uploaded it was not up to the standards we would have wished for as it was quite grainy and fuzzy at some parts.
  • As it was quite a small device it could only be used by one person at a time whereas with the digital camera one person could be filming and the other could watch on the screen to see if anything needed to be fixed when considering the mise en scene.



  • On the iMac there was a software called iMovie, on this specific software me and my group uploaded our footage and began editing. We learnt a many different things when using this piece of equipment as when editing our footage we learnt how to insert transitions such as a fade to black, fade to white, cross blur etc. We also learnt how to insert different sounds into our footage and when to use them. We also learnt how to crop footage that was not needed in our thriller opening.
  • It was very easy to edit and very easy to get to grips with as it was very user friendly and we could do whatever we could imagine and wanted to do and there was no sort of barrier of what we could do.
  • We could just easily put in any transitions, sounds and they provided us with all these editing techniques.


  • It was quite nerve racking to log off when using iMovie as it does not have a save button and it would save automatically, even though the iMac’s were impressive by doing this we were paranoid if our footage and editing would just delete and not save.




  • Easy to store sounds that we downloaded from freesounds.org from.
  • Easy to upload on to iMac


  • Sounds did not work if the USB was not plugged in which was quite frustrating as we needed the USB to be in their all the time and we could not forget the USB.

Evaluation – question 4

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Who would be the audience of your media product? How did you attract/address your audience?


The demographic of our media product is ranged between 15-25. This is because we thought it would be appropriate for 15 years to view our thriller due to the previous thrillers related to ours as they have the same demographics for their audience as they have a younger audience. I believe that the age of the actors casted in the film play a role in this as they are quite young it would attract a younger and fresher audience as it is a natural instinct to feel more comfortable around those of a similar age to your own .I think this is due to the actors/actresses in our film as they would relate to the audience and therefore the audience would be engaged and would want to watch more. So, this would be our primary audience.

Our certificate is certified at 15. This is due to the themes within our thriller opening as there were some inappropriate themes such as a knife in the beginning when the villain is standing outside, the mask could be disturbing for younger viewers. They may be disturbed because in childhood clowns are child-friendly and they also are funny, and watching this media product could change their whole view on clowns and scare them to the fullest that they’d be quite scarred and they could even grow a phobia. This happened to me when I was younger as I watched Stephen King’s IT at 9-10 years old and it scared me and I grew a phobia for clowns.

Our secondary audience would be parents and fans thriller/horror movies. We thought parents to be the secondary audience because they could relate to the film because some parents may leave their children with a babysitter, and may have some worries and get paranoid of all the dangers that could possibly occur. And our thriller opening could relate to them because they may be thinking something dangerous could happen when their children are at home. The appearance of the psychopath could stay with them for a long time and make them paranoid which can be positive in a way because it would have an effect on the audience and it would be talked about and get well known through other people, this is known as ‘word of mouth’.

The genre of our thriller is a Thriller/horror which is quite well known and famous and most horror based films are part thriller, but thrillers have many sub genres as many films are meant to ‘thrill’ people. But there are many well known, classic films of our particular genre such as Halloween, Scream and Paranormal Activity 3 (PA3). These films are horror too, and the people who enjoy these films and are fans of them, they would enjoy our media product because it is very similar as it has similar characters, locations, producers etc. These films gained a lot of attention and audience which means they made a lot of profit in the box office. So, the people would watch our films if they enjoy watching classic, Hollywood horror/thriller movies.

We attracted our audience by putting in characters that would relate to them by putting in stereotypes of genders. This was the stereotype of a female who was home alone, vulnerable and was babysitting, which is a stereotype for what females do to earn money. Some females may do this job and feel quite paranoid when babysitting, so our thriller opening could relate to them thus attracting them. The stereotype of the male being a villain and violent could attract the audience because it shows that the male has some dominance and that he is quite violent. This would attract the audience as some male audiences enjoy violence and some action, this would attract them as they may want to see the victim and the psychopath/villain fight.



Evaluation – question 3

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Evaluation – Question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Firstly the very known media companies are known as the big 5 companies and are –

  • Warner brothers 
  • 20th Century Fox 
  • Paramount 
  • MGM 
  • RKO 

All these companies have media conglomerates which mean companies come together to put all their specialized work and abilities in to create a huge, successful company.

Our ideal production company that would have made and produced our film would be Paramount because i think that they will be good with the film process and funding. I also think that Paramount would be a good company to produce our film because they have made very successful thriller movies such as Disturbia, Paranormal Activity, The Lovely Bones. They have also produced a number of Alfred Hitchcock’s films such as Rear Window (1954), The Trouble With Harry (1956), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), and Vertigo (1958) . All these films are a Thriller genre and for that I think Paramount should produce our film because of the well known and classic thrillers. Not only would it give our thriller media product a good name because Paramount has produced many successful thriller products it will also mean that our film would be funded and financed which means the locations, props and technologies would be at a high standard.

Paramount would also be a successful distribution company because they distributed all other thriller movies such as Paranormal Activity, The Godfather sequel, Psycho etc. These were the thriller films Paramount have produced and distributed. All the films listed above were very successful and made quite a lot regarding the box office. This was all due to how the films were distributed. Paranormal Activity 3 (PA3) made a box office of $205,703,818,

this shows that the film was distributed very well and gained a lot of audiences. PA3 was successful due to their previous films and due to the distribution techniques. These techniques were trailers, reviews, TV advertisements, posters o billboards, newspapers, magazines, social networking pages etc. This was beneficial for the film as the film got noticed a lot and most people like horror movies as it gives them a thrill and it is fun to watch with friends, partners etc. If our film was distributed in this way I personally think our media product would be just as successful as many people would know about it and would want to watch it by how much it is being shown and advertised.

My group members and I would want our thriller film to be known worldwide/internationally because we believe having Paramount pictures to produce our film and to distribute it would measure up to the standards of the other successful films they have produced. And because Paramount films are also successful worldwide, and so the more audience the more success. Also, I would like Weinstein Company to distribute our films because Weinstein films have been very well known in the UK. The Weinstein Company has ownership of Dimension which is a film company who has released a number of thriller movies that relate to our thriller opening such as Halloween and Scream. These movies are successful thriller/horror movies and our film being part of this distribution company would make our thriller product just as successful and well known. Also, if they knew the same producers that produced these films produced our thriller product there would be more of a chance for our thriller product to gain audiences thus being successful.


A Scene from Scream

Similar scene from our thriller opening


Our film should be exhibited in Multiplex cinemas as our film would be very well known so in this case our film should be shown in cinemas like VUE, Cineworld, ODEON etc. This is because these types of cinemas have many screens so our film can be shown in them which means we would gain a big audience.




Evaluation – question 2

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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media product targeted and represented many social groups such as age, gender, social class, and ethnicity/race. On a whole I do think that our thriller opening was stereotypical regarding social groups.


Age was represented through a number of ways such as through the stereotypes of character roles. For example the baby sitter was played by a teenage girl, which stereotypes that teenage girls do baby sitting as a part time job, also the baby is 3 years old. The young characters show innocents as young people are innocent, this is stereotypical but in some cases not all teenagers are said to be ‘innocent’. Well, in this case the teenage girl is doing a good, caring thing by taking care of the child and the child is a symbol of innocence. These character roles show the innocence and vulnerability of the youth. The age shown in our thriller opening is ages 3 and 16 years old as the baby sitter is 16 years old and the child is 3 years old, both very young ages which show vulnerability because people at these ages cannot fully depend on themselves and look after themselves.


Gender was represented through a range of stereotypical elements such as the main role which was the babysitter, as she was a female and the stereotypical gender of a babysitter would usually be a girl. Also, the psychopath in the film was played by a male which is also a stereotype as most psychopaths/murders in films are played by a male. These stereotypes show that the girl is vulnerable, young and weak and the male psychopath is dominant, strong, and powerful. This is because he gained access in to a home that is not his; he is taller and stronger which shows that he is more powerful and dominant. The babysitter seems weak because she’s scared in her own home and she is also young which shows that she is vulnerable and can be in danger because she may not be able to look after herself and defend herself.


Social class

My group members and I did not specifically and intentionally show or portrayed any social class within our thriller opening, but we did have elements that portrayed a social class. These aspects were the location, in a house which looks well presented, quiet, looks quite big and a reasonable size. This shows that the residents and the people who own and live in that house are middle/working class. The inside of the house is also  well presented, has luxury bed covers and the garden is quite grand too which shows that a lot of effort and money has been put in to it, this shows that it is middle class. Also, the job role of the babysitter is quite significant as it shows she is doing a part time job in order to earn some money which shows that she is working class.


In our thriller opening we did not intentionally or purposely represent a specific race or ethnic group as we thought it was not necessary in for the opening. But one of the aspects that related to English/westernised culture was when the babysitter (me) was making coffee/tea and it shows that tea/coffee is overly consumed in the western countries and that most people drink it.